This Is A Start EP

by Oscar Gold

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Recorded in early 2009.

Produced by Jamie Ward


released December 7, 2011

These songs were written around the end of 2008, start of 2009. I’d been trying to start a band for a while and they were the beginnings of that. I’d recently met some great people in Kingston and started planning to move to America for a year the following summer. While I was home over Christmas my friend Jamie Ward said I could record some demos at his studio. Jamie offered to play drums on the recordings and Kyle Brooks worked on a couple of the songs with me. The lead guitar parts in the verses of ‘Gorsky’ and ‘Summer Vacation’ are all him. Thanks to Jamie’s production the songs became far more than demos.

We got pretty much everything down in a few sessions between January and April 2009. At the start of summer ‘Gorsky’ was included on a Punktastic compilation and I think Summer Vacation may have been on another comp around the same time. Unfortunately in August, prior to leaving for America I was involved in a bad car accident and ended up in (the) hospital for a couple of months. I took the next year off from University while I recovered.

In early 2010 Kristy Diaz put out a single version of ‘Summer Vacation’ which included a recording of an old song ‘You, Me and The Moon Landings’. Around that time Andy Waterfield also included it on his I Live Sweat podcast. That August I finally made it over to California for my study abroad year and somewhere in between I finished off the backing vocals on ‘Mr Cash’ with Jamie.

With at least one new band coming together now at the end of 2011 and a few acoustic gigs coming up I thought it was a good time to finally get this all in one place. I asked John Helps to design some artwork for me for the Bandcamp page and Rob Fisher has designed a front cover. For now Oscar Gold will remain the name of the band on this EP. I’m really proud of these songs and recordings and I’ll continue to play them at acoustic gigs when I get the chance.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who was in any way involved and to you for reading and listening.

This Is A Start.



all rights reserved


Oscar Gold Kingston Upon Thames, UK

This is a start.

These songs were written between 2008 and 2009. They were recorded by Jamie Ward with the help of Kyle Brooks.
John Helps designed the art on this page.
Rob Fisher has designed a cover.

I wanted to finally get these songs in one place, together, as an EP. Oscar Gold felt like a very appropriate name for the band.

Thank you.
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Track Name: Good Luck Mr Gorsky
Good Luck Mr Gorsky

It took two stones, to kill the one bird, that tried to save me,
I fell for her words, softly sang each night into my ear.
The quickest drugs, were not enough, to keep my fucked up thoughts from screaming love. It only makes things worse.

Anyway, you're far from me tonight, so I should try and sleep it off, in someone else's bed.
When I finally sleep I start to dream, that you're the one here haunting me, a ghost from better days.

I scratch these words into the ground, and love the way the passers by look down, in mild disbelief.
The words say 'are you listening to me?' If I could only hear myself, becoming someone else.

I love the way you pretend to sleep through all of this, I pluck at your eyelids, to make sure you're awake.
Forgive me, for not believing you but girl it's hard to accept the truth, from lips that can't keep shut.

You left before the words came out, I think it's best we end this now. I'm through, looking for trouble. (If I could only hear myself)
Track Name: Mr Cash Is Always Bad News
Mr Cash Is Always Bad News

Let me in on a secret, who do you think you are?
I hope you've got the answers, for the sake of my health.
Sick of those games, so I broke the rules and burned the evidence that I'd ever played. Scattered the ashes over the room where you once saved me.

Torturing myself, leaves me such a state. Bound and gagged just for your sake.
Losing faith in the words I used to love.
You're the best mistake I'll ever make.
I hope we never let you get to us.

Tonight, I label myself a wreck. I don't regret it. It's something I can't accept from you even if you want me to.
I really shouldn't encourage you. Stay for one night and lie like it's all you need. Lie like I'm all you need.

I've been looking for something to help me feel alive.
The lips that I've been stealing won't suffice.
If I'm looking for something, to help keep me alive, the lips that I've been stealing won't suffice.

I hope we never let you get to us.
Track Name: How My Summer Vacation Spent Me
How My Summer Vacation Spent Me

Good luck with the weather in your new town I hope it's better, it's enough of a rush, to hear the traffic from a foreign room. And those few nights you're alone, promise not to think of me, or call me any more.

All you are to me now is good material, nothing to write home about.

Just a boy you couldn't commit to, the best thing left in your old memories, I don't care if you don't miss me.

Did my face get that much harder for you to recognise? I swear I look the same in mirrors, it must just be your eyes, as you're trying not to see me, please try to believe me when I tell you I don't care.

Chris once wished for brown eyes, I wouldn't trade mine, not for you.

I've nothing left to say to you, you're name's just a knife in my side, and so am I.
Track Name: It Was Something About Seashells
It Was Something About Seashells

Push me back against your sheets and help me breathe, I need to live to see the things you've done to me. I told another lie I think I got it wrong, said I'm doing fine and I've been doing fine all along.

So second best or second ever? I hate to say it but it was clever of you to keep me to yourself.

I promise that it wasn't me who clipped your wings, I swear you did that to yourself so I would sing this song, and you could sit and watch me work you out. I should probably say these things out loud.

I twist the words I wrote, to make them sound like words you spoke but you did not. You did not.

Awoke some time this afternoon, to find that in my sleep I'd written all these words for you, I've no excuse, the pen's still in my hand.